Opposing Today’s Orthodoxies

Heretic exists to share and foster ideas, art, and discussion that take on the power-mongering and demagogic orthodoxies of the day.

If you can’t escape the nagging feeling in the back of your mind or pit of your stomach that there’s better solutions for our problems than what mainstream thought is telling and selling you, Heretic is meant for you.

Today’s politics are toxic, unproductive in all the wrong ways, and unimaginative.

If you think that our political future can be brighter, bolder, and fundamentally different than our political past, then Heretic is for you.

Our culture is broken and we are divided. We told that our neighbors and family are also often the same people as our supposed enemies.

If you believe in a cultural alternative to hyper-individualism and antagonistic collectivism, then Heretic is for you.

The prevailing economic system of today is neither moral nor sustainable.

If you believe that our economy can better serve everyone without ceding total control to the state or big business, then Heretic is for you.

Religion has been twisted into a weapon, a front-group for those with power to manipulate those without it.

If you agree that this doesn’t have to be the case and that faith can be a plow instead of a sword (even if you are arelgious), then Heretic is for you.