Issue I Now Available

coverIssue I of the WAL Reader magazine is now available! Thank you to everyone involved in the process of creating this magazine, and especially to everyone who contributed content to this first issue. And of course, a special thanks to Chris Spangle for allowing us to create this under the We Are Libertarians label.

Issue I is very introductory in nature – what is the WAL Reader?; what is We Are Libertarians all about?; what can you expect from future issues of the magazine? We also received contributions from multiple writers who explored their own paths to the libertarian movement and what the concept of “liberty” means to them at a personal level.

I’m proud of the variety of viewpoints we were able to gather for this issue – we have the ideas of a Libertarian Party faithful, a pacifist anarchist, a Tea Party revolutionary, and a libertarian socialist, among others. With 80 pages of content, I trust that you will find something of value to you in this issue.

You can view and download Issue I for free here. In the coming days, high-quality print and Amazon Kindle versions of the issue will also be available for purchase (all profits will be given to the We Are Libertarians patreon). Additionally, we will also be adding each article of Issue I to this website as individual web articles soon.

Thank you for taking the time to view our magazine! If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas, please let us know.

Published by Ryan Lindsey

Founder of WAL Reader | Christian Anarchism, Star Wars, and Pizza Enthusiast | Southwest Missourian, Book Lover, Writer

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