About Heretic

Whatever you think may be of value to your community, to the libertarian community – use my platform to do it… the more people that participate in We Are Libertarians, the more value they get out of it.

So said Chris Spangle when he laid out the goals of We Are Libertarians for 2019. In an effort to maximize the value of the organization he founded (and to make deplatforming WAL more difficult via proliferation of creative and distributive efforts), Spangle presented an open invitation to produce content under the well-known We Are Libertarians banner.

I’m Ryan Lindsey and I’m writer by profession and hobby – naturally, when I heard this invitation to produce under the We Are Libertarians label, my first ideas for how I could contribute involved writing, and due to being a serious fan of journalistic magazines (I cannot recommend subscribing to Reason, Commonweal, and The Atlantic enough) I gravitated towards the idea of a magazine or journal format. And thus, the idea for the Heretic was born.

Ryan Lindsey, founder & editor of Heretic

Heretic actually began as WAL Reader. The first issue of WAL Reader was published in April, 2019 and contained several articles describing how people found their way from normal, orthodox political ideologies to some form or another of libertarianism. Issue II published later that year gave a fascinating, in-depth and multi-faceted look at issues surrounding immigration. Issue III was published in January, 2020 and focused on some areas where America (and the American government) had successfully bettered life and expanded liberty.

Towards the end of 2019, I began thinking a lot about what WAL Reader had been during it’s first year and what I wanted it to be. I was extremely happy with what I was able to do with the journal during it’s first year and I’m still very proud of many of the contributors who have written wonderful content for our readers. Most of all, I am thankful to Chris Spangle for letting me be apart of the We Are Libertarians network (despite our differences). WAL Reader was a wonderful – and educational – experience for me.

That being said, I evolved personally over that first year, WAL Reader had to as well. I wanted to expand the scope and imagination of the journal; I didn’t want to exclude any ideas that could contribute to a better, more thoughtful world, regardless of if they came from a libertarian or not.

In March, 2020 WAL Reader was relaunched as Heretic. Our mission is to share and foster ideas, art, and discussion that take on the power-mongering and demagogic orthodoxies of the day.

  • We reject today’s political orthodoxy to find a society based on cooperation and peace, rather than threats and force.
  • We reject today’s cultural orthodoxy to foster civility, unity, and goodwill where hatred and animosity reign.
  • We reject today’s economic orthodoxy to imagine an economy that recognizes the inherent value of all and doesn’t prop up the elite.
  • We reject today’s religious orthodoxy to find faith based in love, hope, and virtue, rather than Mars and Mammon.

If you can’t escape the nagging feeling in the back of your mind or pit of your stomach that there’s better solutions for our problems than what mainstream thought is telling and selling you, Heretic is meant for you.

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