A Libertarian’s Case for Reparations

Restorative justice is a principle I believe in – I desire a world that makes new, rather than continues to down the tired old path of tearing down. We have tried an eye for an eye for long enough, how about we try something new? Why not try liberation from the washed up ways of faux justice? Restoration is an idea that can break toxic cycles of revenge. It can attempt to make things whole again; this includes the idea of reparations.

Just to be clear, I don’t know exactly how legitimate, ideal reparations will look in the modern age. I don’t know how the exact payment will take place. I don’t claim to know all of the answers as to how to right the wrongs for our sins of the past, but I do know one thing: They are overdue, and I intend to explore the options for reparations from the perspective of a libertarian socialist. This essay intends to explore ways in which reparations can become a reality, and argues that reparations themselves are libertarian.

Black & Red

Before I begin to discuss what libertarianism means to me through my Libertarian Socialist lenses, I first want to start off by providing a list of definitions, so that the reader is clear as to what to expect going forward. The obvious way to begin is to start with defining libertarian socialism. Libertarian Socialism is a social system which believes in freedom of action and thought and free will, in which the producers possess…