Confessions of a Former UBI Lover

I guess sometimes the best thing to do is just come clean, be open with one’s self and just start with step one of the process of growth and recovery. Hello, I’m Remso W. Martinez and I’m a former lover of Universal Basic Income.

It started as a summer fling, like with a girl your parents warned you about, the type of girl your friends have heard rumors about, but everywhere you go, everyone just runs over to tell you how much trouble she is. That’s the problem though; you like trouble, and she’s sending you all the right signals.

Fighting Without Fists

In July of 2018, I was couch crashing at a friend’s apartment in Washington D.C. He was a member of the House Freedom Caucus, and for the first time during his brief time working in the House of Representatives felt like he could truly be his authentic self. Why did he fee this way? Because two weeks earlier he had went on Facebook Live and announced he would be leaving politics permanently.

“Maybe I’ll do something drastic and become a Libertarian,” he said, puffing on a cigarette on his back porch. “Maybe I could do many things, but I’m out the door at this point.”

This was an odd conversation to be having. After years of being a failed political consultant, I had finally been making inroads within the Republican Party, only to be here listening to an elected Republican tell me he was considering jumping into the obscure third party I had spent years trying to separate myself away from.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile – Review

He doesn’t have that “evil” look to him as some actors do. You can close your eyes and think of onscreen serial killers and you’ll probably see faces like Malcolm McDowell from A Clockwork Orange or perhaps Christian Bale from American Psycho. Zach Efron however, the Disney star turned silver screen heartthrob, doesn’t need that “evil” look because, just like the real-life serial killer he’s based on, its what goes on in his mind and how he manipulates those around him that makes him a truly terrifying cinematic monster…